Can I paint over mould on my bathroom ceiling?

Recently we were asked whether it would be OK to paint over mould on the shower ceiling. Painting over existing mould is probably not a good idea because the mould may continue growing beneath the paint film and subsequently the paint would start peeling off. The best solution would be to clean the mould off and fix the cause of the mould.

The Spot Free system uses steam at 160 to 180 degrees centigrade which kills mould on contact and the microfibre pads absorb the dead mould. If the mould has been there a long time chances are that it has stained or delaminated some of the paint surface. You can purchase special paint (Zinsser or Flood products)to stop mould returning at Mitre Mega or paint shops or you can purchase an additive to paint you already have anti-mould additive

The cause of mould in bathrooms is usually lack of ventilation. Without adequate ventilation the moisture in the air condenses on the ceiling and eventually turns to mould. An incorrectly situated extractor fan, a poorly performing fan or no fan at all are the main culprits and the solutions are obvious: Get a strong extractor fan installed in the highest part of the wall or in the ceiling and vent it straight outside (NOT into the attic). If someone in the house likes really hot, really long showers it may help and reduce your hot water bills to install a shower dome.

To check out Before and After photos of the Spot Free bathroom cleans

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  1. You will get a result that look 100 times better than it does now - guaranteed
  2. You will get a punctual quotation appointment
  3. You will receive an eco-friendly clean - NO caustic chemicals or bleaches
  4. You will have the job done quickly and efficiently with no mess or fuss
  5. You will most likely not have to paint and so save many hundreds of dollars!
    Good reasons!

    Good reasons!

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