Matt ceiling cleaning secret that can save you money and grief.

Modern matt painted ceilings look wonderful because they fool the eye into not seeing joins, cracks and nailheads BUT there is a nasty secret that builders and painters forget to disclose:

It is just about impossible to clean a matt ceiling without creating ugly rub-marks in the paint finish!
You really notice these when the sun is low in the sky in the morning and early evening.

Why does this happen?

This happens because no matter how gentle you are, as soon as you touch and move any cloth, mop, wet wipe or any other cleaning agent on a matt ceiling it flattens the “mattness” and creates a shiny mark! Once you have damaged the ceiling like that the only fix is a costly re-paint!

So what is the solution?

There are only two solutions to this problem.

1) Spray the dirty ceiling with an emulsifier or detergent (depending what it is up there) wait a few minutes to let it do it’s thing. Then very gently dab the ceiling with a damp, good quality microfibre cloth. (This probably will not work for mould but this is covered in a future article). For a few dirty spots on a mostly clean ceiling this works fine but if your whole ceiling is bad it will be incredibly tiresome and time consuming!

2) Call Spot Free for a professional ceiling clean to do it right. We actually do not use detergents normally, but we do have sophisticated, hi-tech equipment that super cleans ceilings probably 10 times faster than you can with a much better uniform clean and we create NO new rub-marks in matt painted finish!!

If you need more information please go to: contact form or call 07 579 2643

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  1. You will get a result that look 100 times better than it does now - guaranteed
  2. You will get a punctual quotation appointment
  3. You will receive an eco-friendly clean - NO caustic chemicals or bleaches
  4. You will have the job done quickly and efficiently with no mess or fuss
  5. You will most likely not have to paint and so save many hundreds of dollars!
    Good reasons!

    Good reasons!

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