Why does my garage ceiling look grey with light stripes in it?

Lots of people when they show me their garage ceiling tell me why they think it looks like it does and they are usually wrong. ┬áIf it’s worse by the garage door they tell me it’s because the dirt gets in at the top of the door. If it’s worse by the washer and dryer they tell me it’s from the dryer vent. Wrong and wrong!

It is mildew or mould that has formed on the ceiling from moisture in the air. The reason you can see lighter stripes through it is that the joists above the ceiling is warmer than the gib because garage ceilings are not insulated by the builder. I’m guessing that builders’ figure that no-one lives in their garage so why bother to insulate it for comfort!.

Garages are usually pretty airtight in that windows are rarely opened and doors are only normally opened when the car goes in or out of the garage. The problem is that moisture in garages usually has nowhere to go but up where it condenses on the cold parts of the ceiling and turns to mould.

Where does the moisture come from? Wet cars that are parked there, wet washing that is dried there on a wet day, as well as moisture from washing the clothes as well if the washer is in the garage.

Please don’t just try to wipe it off because that normally creates permanent wipe marks in the paint! …How do I know that – because I see that every week in customers garages. With our Spot Free method of cleaning garage ceilings they come up very clean indeed, except the area that a customer had a go at wiping it off themselves! To see a quick video of our garage ceiling clean

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